Listen to our theme song: We Are The Sisters!

Download our theme song! 

Make the music video!

Win the thousand bucks!

(Of course it’s a Haiku – like we’d do it any other way.)



The Sisters have a great song, now we need a great music video to go with it, and we are turning to you, our great customers, to do it. Here are the details:

  1. Becky, Mother of Anarchy, has final say on what is and is not appropriate content. So if your own mother would flag it, chances are our Mother will too. So don’t push the content envelope too, too much.

  2. Assuming your submission passes the Mother of Anarchy content test, your submission will be posted on our site, linked to in all our social media, and you WILL be credited for the work.

  3. Only music videos that utilize the COMPLETE song (run time 2:08) will be eligible to win the prize, a check for $1,000 and one free ice cream cone, a double.

  4. Specific technical information regarding file format, delivering/uploading the file, etc., will be posted in the next couple weeks.

  5. All music videos must be delivered by July 2nd – the winner will be announced July 4th.

  6. So go forth, be fruitful, creative and productive, and give us our video!